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Who We Are

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Since 1989, the Mexicantown Community Development Corporation (MexicantownCDC) has long played a leading role in the revitalization of Mexicantown. Through the creation of the Plaza del Norte Welcome Center and the Mexicantown Mercado, MexicantownCDC has developed opportunities for economic growth in southwest Detroit by providing two state-of-the-art facilities while making available a wide range of services and contacts with business professionals. These venues have enabled MexicantownCDC to consolidate multiple initiatives into an easily accessible location. MexicantownCDC also continuously develops and supports educational and cultural programs and activities that help promote and preserve culture and heritage in the region.

MexicantownCDC’s Mission

The mission of Mexicantown Community Development Corporation (MexicantownCDC) is to serve as ambassadors of Mexicantown – the gateway to Detroit – and preserve, enrich, and promote Mexicantown as a vibrant, inclusive, multicultural, residential, business and artistic community. MCDC is a private not-for-profit, Michigan, 501(c)(3) corporation.

MexicantownCDC’s History

The Mexicantown Community Development Corporation was formed in 1989 and its goals and programs include:

1) Promotion of the Mexicantown restaurant, shopping, and cultural district to audiences across southeastern Michigan;
2) Cultural programs and activities that educate and enrich the lives of residents of the neighborhood and the southeast Michigan region;
3) Physical improvements, maintenance and reuse of vacant land in Mexicantown;
4) Entrepreneurial training and incubation to increase the economic self-sufficiency of neighborhood residents; and
5) Occupy and maintain the Mexicantown International Welcome Center and Mercado.

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