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Image by Luke Chesser


MexicantownCDC’s community-centric café originates from a tightly-held community-driven goal to rectify decades of imposed destruction on the area businesses and the inherent feelings of cultural disenfranchisement still prevalent today.

MexicantownCDC is not simply resurrecting the community’s beloved coffee shop. As a community-driven program, MexicantownCDC, through grants and crowdfunding, is evolving this small private business into a community-centric café, designed by the actual community residents it will employ, serve, vend their products and convene in multicultural and multigenerational inclusive, meaningful and creative pursuits. The café and easily-accessible bathrooms will permit greater inclusion of senior citizens, individuals with physical challenges and families with small children who may be reluctant to come to the art events due to physical demands and lack of an on-site bathroom.

Project Sponsors

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