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Image by Luke Chesser

Mexicantown-Latino Galería-Café

In 2017, MexicantownCDC was awarded a Ford Fund Planning Grant to host a variety of cultural events to survey residents’ insights and interests. Varied segments of the community attended, ensuring broad input from which MexicantownCDC forged its current strategic community cultural and economic development commitments.

In the last four years, MexicantownCDC organically developed one of the most popular and authentically engaging community meeting spaces in the area with room for further development. MexicantownCDC will expand and evolve its current popular art gallery/cultural center/community meeting space to include a much-needed Mexicantown art gallery, community-centric café, and community kitchen, with handicap-accessible bathroom facilities.over 40 community organizations host meetings and workshops at MexicantownCDC, including the City of Detroit Planning Department, funding sources, community-forums, ensuring community access to information, opportunities, resources and empowerment.

Project Sponsors

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